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Private hire vehicle passenger charged after leaving FIREARM and AMMUNITION in car

A man has been charged after a firearm was found inside the back of a private hire vehicle (PHV) in Liverpool. At around 8.15pm on Friday 29 September, officers stopped a PHV on Eaton Road as they believed the passenger in the back of the car was behaving suspiciously.

When speaking to the passenger they noticed a bag in the cab. The man then ran away from the scene before police could stop him. Patrols looked inside the bag and found a 2.2 revolver, four 2.2 rounds of ammunition and over £100 in cash. Early this morning Kyle Simm, aged 39, was charged with possession of a firearm and possession of ammunition. He has been remanded into custody and appeared at Wirral Remand Court this morning.

Inspector Michael McEvoy said: “Merseyside Police pro-actively investigates serious organised crime including the use of guns in our cities and is relentless in its pursuit to remove any dangerous weapons from our streets. “If you know anything about the storage, movement or use of such weapons, please come forward directly or anonymously via Crimestoppers. “It is vital that members of our communities come forward with such information so we can make Liverpool stronger, safer and secure.”


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