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REJECTED: London taxi drivers encounter issues with lost property handling at police stations

Licensed taxi drivers are facing continued challenges when it comes to the handling of lost property by police stations.

The Licensed Taxi Driver Association (LTDA) has recently highlighted multiple cases where officers have incorrectly refused to accept items left behind in taxis, causing inconvenience and frustration for both drivers and the passengers who have misplaced items in a taxi.

Speaking on behalf of the LTDA, a spokesperson expressed their concern and urged individuals who encounter such incidents to promptly report them. The spokesperson advised affected parties to politely request the name or shoulder number of the officer involved and provide all pertinent details, including the police station's location, date, and time of the incident. Reports can be submitted directly to the LTDA via email.

It is seen as crucial for both taxi drivers and passengers to have a reliable system in place for the return of lost items left behind in cabs. Prompt and proper handling of lost property is essential for maintaining trust in the industry and ensuring passengers receive the necessary support when in need.

A Licensed Taxi Driver Association (LTDA) spokesperson said via social media: “We are still getting reports of police stations incorrectly refusing to accept property left in a cab.

“If this happens to you, please politely ask for officers name or shoulder number and let us know along with details of the station, date and time etc.”


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