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Speeding London driver arrested after concerns around expired PHV roundel licence and insurance

Image credit: Metropolitan Police Specials

The Metropolitan Police Specials took action against the driver of what appeared to be a Transport for London (TfL) licensed minicab speeding in the Wandsworth area.

Upon further investigation, officers arrested the man after insurance concerns and other suspicious discrepancies in documentation and situational details.

During their investigation, officers also examined the vehicle and questioned whether it was being used as a private hire vehicle (PHV). Remarkably, they discovered an expired roundel, which was mounted in the rear window. The roundel has now been seized and will play a crucial role in the ongoing investigation. The Metropolitan Police will be reporting this incident to TfL.

A spokesperson from the Specials Met Police said: "Speeding in Wandsworth brings you to our attention. Having a foreign driving license, a £1,000 of your 'cousin's' money, and being 20 years old from London, but 50 years of age from the countryside on your insurance gets you arrested and your car seized."


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