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TfL approve new Driver Bubble Mercedes-Benz E-Class partition screen

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Vehicle partition screen providers, Driver Bubble, have announced that it has received approval from Transport for London (TfL) for a new screen fitting Mercedes-Benz E-Class models.

Manufactured by FixiCover, this new version of the partition screen was also subjected to impact, light fire and chemical resistance tests to meet the legislative and automotive standards. The Driver Bubble FixiCover TfL Shield – Mercedes E-Class is a TfL-approved partition screen made from 1.5mm polycarbonate for all Mercedes E-Class W213 (2017-2021) models.

Will Cattrall, Business Development Manager of Driver Bubble, said: "At Driver Bubble, we are continuously improving our products and take the feedback provided by our customers very seriously.

“Based on our clients' recent feedback and the demand, the Mercedes E-Class was the 2nd most popular PHV in London. Therefore, it was only right for us to process the E-Class as the next vehicle for the inspection and TfL approval. After a close discussion with potential clients who have fleets of E-Classes, we wanted to understand their take on TfL approved screens for the E-Class, and the response was very positive."

Driver Bubble had to make one fundamental change to receive approval from TfL. The upper left and right corners of the screen had to be replaced with a different, more flexible material so that side airbags can be deployed successfully in the event of collision or accident.

Thomas Kruyne, Global Director of Driver Bubble, said: "Driver Bubble is constantly working towards addressing the challenges faced by the transportation industry due to the COVID-19 crisis by helping protect drivers and their passengers to stay connected. Intending to extend our reach further, we purchased a Mercedes E-Class to ensure that the manufacturers could make a perfect fit.

“After being thoroughly assessed by TFL, we received the letter of approval within a week. Our main aim is to provide peace of mind to hundreds and thousands of transportation businesses and their passengers. We are already talking internally about the next vehicles which we are considering for the next approval."

Driver Bubble has also partnered up with American Carwash, a car washing company, to offer London-based customers and drivers a way to get their FixiCover TfL Shields installed professionally. Customers can now choose this service when checking out with the TfL-approved shields.

The Driver Bubble FixiCover TfL Shield is available in London and Greater London with full compliance by TfL for the following vehicles:

● Toyota Corolla (Hatchback; Estate and Sedan models) (January 2019 onwards)

● Toyota Auris (May 2015 onwards)

● Toyota C-HR (2016 onwards)

● Toyota Prius (2010 onwards)

● Toyota Prius Plug-in (September 2016 onwards)

● Toyota Camry (September 2017 onwards)

● Toyota Camry (April 2018 onwards)

● Lexus UX (October 2018 onwards)

● Mercedes E-Class W213 (2017-2021).


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