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TfL hand taxi driver Penalty Charge Notice for pavement parking whilst looking to fill up on diesel

A taxi driver in the city has found themselves at odds with Transport for London (TfL) after receiving a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) for parking on the pavement while entering a fuel station to refuel their cab with diesel.

The incident was brought to light by a prominent expert on PCNs within the taxi trade, known as 'H' on social media, who shared the details as part of an ongoing appeal. According to H, TfL cited potential damage to underground pipes and cables as the reason for issuing the PCN.

Expressing concern over the fairness of the situation, H questioned whether similar PCNs were handed out to the three cars that were fully parked on the pavement, as opposed to being near a forecourt entrance.

‘H’ said: “PCN issued for pavement parking.

“In their reply TFL said that the driver could “Potentially cause damage to pipes and cables housed under the paving stones.”

“I wonder if PCNs were issued to the 3 cars that were actually fully on the pavement and not a forecourt entrance?”

H was asked why the driver didn’t just hold back on the road before the vehicles moved up into the space on the forecourt. H added: “If they’d done that, they would’ve got a ticket for stopping on red route.

“Plus they would’ve had to reverse out onto a main road.

“The driver didn’t realise the cars weren’t moving plus he was only there for seconds.”


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