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"TRULY MENTAL”: Taxi drivers shocked ridehail drivers only offered £38 for central London to Gatwick Airport trip

Updated: 4 days ago

Image credit: DALL.E (AI generated)

London taxi drivers were left stunned after it emerged that a private hire vehicle driver was offered a mere £38 for a fare from central London to Gatwick Airport.

The job, offered by one of the sector's largest ridehail platforms, started at Marble Arch and covered over 29 miles. A screenshot was posted on social media revealing the shocking offer of £38.32 after commission.

With vehicle expenses, insurance, and fuel costs yet to be deducted, the driver's take-home pay will be even lower. Calculating the fare, it amounts to just £1.31 per mile before any costs, for a journey that typically takes over an hour and 20 minutes.

The reaction from drivers was immediate and blunt. One driver remarked: “Truly mental. After fuel, it's around £30 before any other costs.” Other responses echoed disbelief, with comments like, “It can’t be?” and “Mental”.

This comes as London sees a surge in licensed private hire drivers. Currently, over 100,000 Transport for London (TfL) licensed drivers operate across the capital, competing fiercely for fares. The incident raises questions about the sustainability of such low fares in the context of the high cost of living and operating a vehicle in London.


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