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Warrington Borough Council asking both local and out-of-area taxi and PHV services to shape future service offering

Warrington Borough Council is actively seeking feedback from both residents and taxi drivers to influence the future of taxi services in the area.

The council has introduced two separate surveys. The first targets the general public, while the second is directed at taxi and private hire vehicle (PHV) drivers, including those licensed both within and outside Warrington. This initiative aims to collect comprehensive insights that will guide the council's strategy for taxi and PHV licensing and services.

The objective is to gather data on several key aspects of taxi service provision:

  • The availability of taxis and PHVs throughout Warrington,

  • The accessibility of taxis, especially for those with special needs,

  • Safety measures, including the use of CCTV in taxis and PHVs,

  • The process of applying for a taxi and PHV driver’s licence in the borough.

The information collected from these surveys will play a crucial role in shaping policies that reflect the real needs of the community. Residents and taxi drivers alike are encouraged to participate and share their perspectives to help the council make informed decisions that will enhance taxi services across Warrington.

Warrington Borough Council Chief Executive, Prof Steven Broomhead MBE, said: “We understand the importance of reliable and accessible taxi services for residents and visitors alike. They are an important part of people’s lives, helping them to enjoy a night out safely with friends, get to important appointments, to go shopping and to get to school or work.

“We are currently looking at reviewing our taxi policy, which helps to set local standards on provision. This survey will provide us with invaluable insights from both taxi drivers and the public, allowing us to develop a comprehensive policy that balances nationally recommended standards with local requirements.

“By taking part in this survey, you have a chance to directly influence the development of Warrington's future taxi policy. Together, we can ensure we continue to provide safe, reliable, and efficient taxi services for everyone.”


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