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“We are the forgotten heroes”: Edinburgh taxi drivers plead for help as pandemic takes its toll

Taxi drivers in Edinburgh are pleading for council help as the financial effects of the coronavirus pandemic take their toll.

Taxi representatives from Unite Edinburgh Cab Branch have urged the City of Edinburgh Council to lend its support to an industry that provides a vital service in the Scottish capital’s community.

Since first COVID-19 lockdown measures were announced in March the taxi industry across the UK has been heavily hit by reduced demand.

A spokesperson from Unite Edinburgh Cab Branch said via social media: “Our members safely transport vulnerable adults and kids, disabled people - often in chairs.

“All our cabs are wheelchair accessible and provide invaluable service for people requiring extra help. A very valuable service that makes us proud to be cabbies and proud to do our job.

“But to provide this service, we have to buy very expensive cabs. Shamefully, Uber don't offer a proper service to some of our most vulnerable people.

“We NEED HELP financially and we need it now. WE ARE THE FORGOTTEN HEROES”


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