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Wolverhampton licensing team suspends PHV driver in Liverpool after finding illegally worn tyre

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Image credit: City of Wolverhampton Licensing an Trading Standards team

The City of Wolverhampton's Licensing team, in collaboration with Merseyside Police, is cracking down on vehicle safety violations in Liverpool City Centre. Through a successful joint operation, compliance officers have suspended a vehicle for having an illegal tyre with tread depth below the minimum legal requirement of 1.6mm.

The incident came to light when the Licensing team took to social media to alert the public about their ongoing efforts to ensure vehicular compliance outside of their licensing area. They emphasised the importance of regularly checking tyres for adequate tread depth, warning that illegal tyres compromise road safety and can lead to accidents.

One way motorists can monitor tread depth, is by using the 20p coin test recommended by the Department for Transport. Placing a 20p coin into the tread grooves will help determine whether the tyre meets the legal requirement. If the outer band of the coin remains visible, the tread depth is insufficient, and a prompt tyre replacement is necessary.

City of Wolverhampton Licensing team said via social media: “Compliance Officers are also working with Merseyside Police in Liverpool City Centre tonight. This vehicle has been suspended for an illegal tyre below the minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. Remember check your tyres regularly!“


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