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Moped gang tried to dupe cabbie by posing as undercover police officers

It's been revealed that moped gangs have started impersonating undercover police officers in a ploy to attack and rob unsuspecting motorists.

Police have warned motorists to be on their guard after a cab was boxed in by two moped riders who both had blue flashing lights fitted to their helmets. Police revealed that the blue flashing lights were switched on as they pulled alongside the cab as it was travelling along Chelsea Embankment. The moped riders then claimed that the cab driver had gone through a red light. Suspicions were raised however, when the passengers in the cab told the moped riders to remove their face masks and identify themselves. When the moped riders refused to reveal their identity the police were called, the two moped riders subsequently fled. Moped attacks have increased sharply from 827 in 2012 to over 23000 in 2017, and has been a major cause of concern for police, who are struggling to deal with the problem. If approached by anybody on a moped claiming to be an undercover officer, always keep your doors locked and ask to see identification, if in doubt dial 999.

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