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9,000 out of 10,000 drivers in Singapore switch to Grab from Uber

It's been revealed that 9000 out of 10,000 drivers, who were working exclusively on the Uber platform in Singapore have switched across to Grab.

The figure comes in the wake of the recent Uber-Grab deal. Ubers 300 employees who were displaced by the deal and have not been taken on by Grab will be compensated.

The Uber employees were given three months paid leave, as Grab attempted to find them suitable employment within the company.

It has also been reported that the National Private Hire Vehicles Association and the National Taxi Association are assisting drivers with any contractual disputes or outstanding payments due. 

Singapore's Competition and Consumer Commission recently laid out plans to promote competition within the marketplace after the Uber Grab deal, they have also proposed fining both companies for entering into the deal.

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