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Millionaire company director pulls shotgun on Taxi driver and threatens to kill him over fare disput

A millionaire who took a taxi journey home to his large country home pointed a shotgun at his driver and threatened to kill him during a row over a £40 fare. Company director James Willmott, 37, in alleged to of loaded and cocked the black hunting shotgun in the direction of taxi driver Hanifur Rehman after a disagreement erupted over the cost of the taxi journey. A court heard Mr Rehman feared for his life and thought he was about to be executed on the accused driveway. Willmott and his five friends were picked up by Rehman in Cardiff's city centre and headed to the millionaires home. On route, the six men decided to detour to a McDonalds drive-thru to pick up a late night feast. Because of the detour, the cost of the journey went from £40 to £60 which Willmott was not happy about. A court heard that Willmott refused to pay the inflated fare of £60 and warned Rehman that if he doesn't leave his premises he will go inside a get one of his guns. Rehman was not sure if it was an empty threat but soon realised the reality of the situation when Willmott returned carrying the gun. Rehman told the court that at this moment he thought he was "finished". Mr Rehman also told the court that Willmott lifted the gun and loaded it three times, making a clicking sound. One of Willmott's friends managed to pull him back before he eventually paid the £40 fare. Rehman called 999 and informed them of the situation, stating that there was a gun at the location. Armed police moved in on the millionaires countryside home in South Wales and arrested Willmott, handcuffing him and escorting him from the premises. 

According to a report in the Sun, police found "several" different weapons at the property, with some stored in a safe gun cabinet. Willmott denied possession of a shotgun with intent to cause fear of violence. The trial continues.  

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