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Gloucestershire County Council apologises to Taxi drivers after wrongly issuing warning letters

Gloucestershire County Council has had to apologised to taxi drivers in the area, after wrongly issuing them with warning letters for using a bus lane.

The cabbies, who are allowed to use the bus lanes in Cheltenham, have been issued the letters by APCOA after there was confusion over their exemption.

The taxi drivers were warned that if they entered the bus lanes again they would be fined £60.

It is believed, according to Graham Foley, owner of Dial-a-cab, who spoke to Gloucestershire Live, there could be as many as 1000 letters wrongly issued.

Criticism was aimed at Gloucestershire County Council over the cost of issuing the letters coning out of the taxoayers purse.

Gloucestershire County Council have issued a full apology, and reassured taxi drivers that the mistake will not occur again.

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