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Uber reveals nation's ‘Nicest and Naughtiest’ cities in 2023 rider ratings

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Uber has recently unveiled the average rider ratings across the UK for 2023, showcasing which cities top the nice list and which ones need to find some festive cheer to improve their ratings.

Merseyside riders have emerged at the top of the nice list with an impressive score of 4.9. They were closely followed by Cambridge, East Anglia, and Stoke, all with ratings of 4.89 and 4.88 respectively. However, London riders will need to make an effort to improve their ratings as they currently fall at the bottom of the nice list with an average score of 4.72. Birmingham riders are not far behind with an average score of 4.76.

In addition to revealing the rider ratings, Uber also unveiled its busiest drop-off spots, with Kings Cross St Pancras, Manchester Piccadilly, and Leeds Train Station coming out on top. With Christmas approaching, the data also highlighted the top booked drop-off destinations for those looking to travel home for the festivities. Euston and Waterloo stations in London proved to be the most popular choices, as many are heading to the city for their Christmas shopping and get-togethers. Milton Keynes Central and Manchester Piccadilly closely followed suit.

The bustling holiday season brings high volumes of travel, especially by train. Last year, it was reported that 15 million people relied on trains to get home during the Christmas period. Uber recognises the importance of stress-free travel during this busy season and aims to spread Christmas travel cheer. In line with this, the company is offering credit towards a train journey home this Christmas.

Andrew Brem, General Manager at Uber UK, said: “Train stations have always been a popular destination for riders, but now with Trains on Uber we can help our customers with the next step of their journey. We’re so grateful for our top rated riders, who make every journey fantastic for Uber drivers and we’re thrilled to be offering them credit towards a train home this Christmas.”

Full Rider Ratings List for 2023:

  • Merseyside - 4.9

  • Cambridge and East Anglia - 4.89

  • Stoke - 4.88

  • Brighton and Sussex - 4.86

  • Edinburgh - 4.86

  • Sheffield - 4.85

  • Cardiff - 4.85

  • Oxford - 4.84 -

  • Glasgow - 4.83

  • Leeds - 4.82

  • Manchester - 4.82

  • Nottingham - 4.82

  • Leicester - 4.81

  • Birmingham - 4.76

  • London - 4.72

Top Uber Train Destinations:

  • King's Cross St Pancras

  • Heathrow Airport

  • Manchester Piccadilly

  • Leeds Train station

  • Birmingham New Street

  • Sheffield Station

  • Euston railway station

  • Gatwick Airport

  • Cambridge Train Station

  • Bristol Temple Meads Station


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