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Uber eyes up launching service in Aberdeen amid taxi provision overhaul

Ride-hailing giant Uber has confirmed its plans to apply for a licence to operate in Aberdeen amidst ongoing speculation.

If Uber were to be handed an operator's licence, it would mark a significant return. The global firm previously acquired, then surrendered, a licence in the city back in 2018.

According to the BBC , an Uber spokesperson disclosed that discussions with city officials are currently underway, signalling the firm's intent to reintegrate into Aberdeen's transport landscape.

The company's expansion plans in Aberdeen come at a time when the city's transportation sector is undergoing significant changes. Aberdeen Inspired, the city's business improvement district, initiated a local taxi provision project last year. This project was launched in response to concerns raised about the existing taxi services and their role in supporting Aberdeen's economic recovery.

Uber's proposed return is seen as a quick fix to remedy current concerns around a lack of drivers servicing Aberdeen. The company is already a familiar presence in Glasgow and Edinburgh.


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